Gas Show2019: European autogas trend

March 19-20, one of the most important events in the autogas world took place in Poland. The tenth anniversary exhibition GasShow 2019 was held at the Warsaw Exhibition Complex EXPO XXI, which gathered many of the European autogas players.


Global Gas also took part in the exhibition, and its stand became the most visited. Direct ECUs that are made on the basis of well-known AEB Di60 electronics became the main GREENGAS brand innovation. It's expected now that the innovation will have the most extensional car-list for direct injection engines. It means that in prospect this ECU can become the most popular.


Among the new products there was also a GREENGAS AT13 XP reducer. It is an innovative development of the Tomasetto company, which can be used while conversion of over 340 HP engines. Herewith, at the moment, it is under running trials to determine the maximum power of the system.

The great interest of visitors was provoked by the ultra-precise ultrasonic gas level sensor GREENGAS UltraZ and GREENGAS DIT the new development of the company, which is the best tool for testing, calibration and cleaning of gas injectors.

Two busy days were very fruitful, and our representatives have promoted many business meetings and negotiations, and now they know exactly all the trends in the autogas world.

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