GREENGAS DIT: gas injector tester

In order to guarantee the correct functioning of the gas-fueled engine it is necessary to have the correct fuel injection, which is the responsibility of the injectors in LPG systems of 4 generations.

And the correct work of the system depend on the accuracy of the dosage, but taking into account the quality of gas fuel after a few thousand runs in the dosage may cause differences.

GREENGAS DIT is able to solve most of the problems in the diagnostic and maintenance of injectors, and also allows you to determine with high accuracy the status of the injector and perform its reanimation in case of changes in consumption characteristics due to  carbonization and contamination.

The uniqueness of GREENGAS DIT is in high accuracy of measurements and complete mobility. Diagnostics and restoration of injectors can be carried out both on the stand and without removing injectors from the car. Thus reanimation is made by washing of injectors with special algorithm, and GREENGAS DIT can be equipped additional by feed unit of a cleaning liquid.

Also GREENGAS DIT allows to test the injector under pressure in different modes of operation to simulate the load conditions of the engine. In this case, it is possible to compare the characteristics of all the injectors in the rail (from 2 to 4 injectors at the same time).

Basic features:

  • Change of coil resistance

  • Short-circuit coil

  • Plunger wedging

  • Changes in consumable characteristics

  • Changing the reaction time

  • Wear of the locking element

  • Saddle leakage

  • Abrasion plunger body coating

  • Checking injector function by signal form

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