GreenGas  invites to visit  «The World of liquefied and compressed gases»

GreenGas  invites all the  fans of high-quality Italian autogas equipment  to visit  the exhibition «Medvin: the world of liquefied and compressed gases» . The event   traditionally  will  take a place  on September 12-13, 2018 (from 10:00 to 18:00) in Kiev, on the territory of the NSC Olympic.

GreenGas will present the full range of its equipment for autogas systems. All the participants  will be able to see  both long  familiar products and novelties.  It will be possible to look  in details  all the presented autogas equipment  and get  specified guidance as per products  interested in.

Among  the new products will be presented new reducers  GreenGas AT09 Nordic  and GreenGas AT09 Nordic XP, a unique timing advance processor  GreenGas Uni, filter with a settler GreenGas Blaster (polyester  filter element), electronic control units GreenGas TERA and GreenGas Aero  and many other components.

Our consultants are ready to answer  any of your questions  and considering that GreenGas makes its autogas equipment components with adaptation to the Ukrainian market  the participation  of ТМ at the exhibition «The world of liquefied and compressed gases» will be particularly  interesting.

There are not  analogues to this event in Ukraine, and therefore the exhibition traditionally promises to be saturated  and interesting. The training seminars, business communication  and demonstration of the latest innovations in the world of autogas equipment  will be included to the programme. We are waiting for you!

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