Timing Advance Processor GREENGAS UNI

GREENGAS UNI is truly a universal and unique Timing Advance Processor which can be used while mounting autogas equipment. GREENGAS UNI can be installed on any car because the firmware is universal and don’t depend on any car-list. Installers can configure all the parameters for a particular car by themselves due to the lack of firmware. At the same time  the calibration itself and configuration settings of GREENGAS UNI  are very simple according to the clear interface of the software.

Timing Advance Processor GREENGAS UNI is able to work with both digital and induction sensors of the crankshaft position. Beyond that such one variator provides simultanious support of 2 digital and 1 induction sensors while it is possible to provide different configurations of their connections.

The small size of this Timing Advance Processor makes its installation much easier. If you suddenly have to switch it temporarily of the system you can do it without removing the variator and installation of plug, it is enough to remove the fuse which can be installed back to activate the variator.

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