GREENGAS DIT is a digital tester that allows determining accurately the state of the injector and resuscitating it in case of flow characteristics changes due to coking and contamination.

The uniqueness of GREENGAS DIT is in its high accuracy of measurements and full mobility that allows using the device both on a special stand and without dismantling injectors from a car. Herewith, resuscitation is performed by purging the injectors using a special algorithm, and the GREENGAS DIT itself can be retrofitted with a cleaning fluid supply unit (Wynn's, DETALAN).

The GREENGAS DIT tester allows testing the injector under pressure in various operation modes to simulate the load modes of the engine. At the same time, it is possible to compare characteristics at once for all injectors in the rail (from 2 to 4 injectors at the same time).

Main features:

  • Coil resistance change
  • Coil short circuit
  • Plunger wedging
  • Changes in consumption characteristics
  • Response time change
  • Locking element loss
  • Seat leakage
  • Plunger body coating loss
  • The injectors performance test by signal waveform

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