Among similar offers on the market GREENGAS DIESEL PRIME kit is the most optimal solution.  Dual fuel electronics has a full compatibility with the OBD protocol and 5 integrated emulators (3 are analog and 2 are digital). It is in GREENGAS DIESEL PRIME is implemented function of servicing the CUTT OFF mode that take into account the injection time of diesel fuel. GREENGAS DIESEL PRIME can be installed on the widest range of diesel engines: atmospheric or turbocharged engines. Common Rail systems and vehicles with an electronic gas pedal and a mass flow sensor are also supported.

Technical data

  • The system has 5 emulators (3 are analog and 2 are digital)
  • Compatibility with OBD CAN (reading parameters, removing error codes)
  • Detailed function of servicing the CUTT OFF mode (reading injection time of diesel fuel)
  • Up to 4 knock sensors are supported
  • Complete system diagnostics with switched off engine
  • Input to the expansion module with support for up to 4 knock sensors
  • New, advanced software

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