GREENGAS DIESEL TITANIUM kit is designed special for diesel vehicles with a mechanical fuel injection pump. This autogas system has an emulator and the tuning program allows to select 5 degree of emulation. On vehicles with mechanical fuel injection pumps  in most cases  the emulator is not used (there are no sensors whose signal can be emulated) or it is used as an information channel for displaying data for the adjustment process. Also to simplify the adjustment process in the program there are done settings maps that can be set in manual mode depending on the characteristics of the vehicle. 

Technical data

  • Software with understandable interface in Russian
  • Automatic switching to diesel power when tank is empty
  • Simple mixture map for beginners
  • 3 detailed maps for experienced masters
  • Supports 6 types of fuel rail pressure sensor
  • Supports 7 types of vacuum / boost pressure sensors
  • Supports 8 types of temperature sensors
  • The system can work using the signal from TPS sensors, standard flowmeter, different types of speed signals, EGT sensor

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