Single stage reducer GreenGas AT09 Alaska is designed for LPG sequential injection systems and can be used on the vehicles with engine power up to 122 HP. Reducer is factory-set and does not require additional adjustment during autogas installation. Among the advantages of reducer GreenGas AT09 Alaska it is worth to notice the stability of pressure in all operating modes. Also this model is characterized by a long operating life and high maintainability.

GreenGas AT09 Alaska technically and constructively is the original Italian product manufactured at the production facilities of the Tomasetto company.


Engine power up to 90 kW
Inlet pressure 3 MPa
Outlet pressure from 90 to 180 kPa
Inlet Connection M10x1 pipe ø 6 mm
Outlet Connection ø 12 mm
Electrovalve available
Working temperature -20° C/+120° C

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