Multivalves GREENGAS AT02 are designed for LPG tanks. This model has homologation in accordance with the new European Rules ECE 67R-01 and is equipped with all possible safety tools  (spring pressure relief valve, pressure relief device (thermo-fuse-PRD), electrovalve at the outlet, excess flow valve, double non-return valve at inlet, manual (service) valve at outlet). This complex of safety tools makes multivalve AT02 an ideal solution for modern autogas systems.


Filling speed 18 lt/min. at 10 bar
Inlet connection 1/4 gas
Outlet connection M10x1 (pipe Ø6 mm) / М12х1 (pipe Ø8 mm)
Automatic 80% level stop available
Manual outlet valve available
Outlet electrovalve yes
Level sensor level sensor holder

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