GREENGAS UNI dynamically changes the timing of the ignition while the engine is running on LPG. This increases the efficiency of the combustion process of the mixture and car engine operates on LPG fuel more dynamically.

Using of GREENGAS UNI eliminates the risk of snap-back and reduces fuel consumption. The Timing Advance Processor adapts an automotive standard system to work on gas fuel so the difference between driving on petrol and gas becomes impalpable.

GREENGAS UNI is able to work both with  induction and digital crankshaft position sensor. And depending on the current throttle position "TPS", engine speed "RPM" and pressure in the intake manifold "MAP" is able to change the ignition angle up to ± 30°.

  • Simple calibration and configuration processes.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Supports 1 inductive and 2 digital sensors simultaneously with possibility of different configurations of their connection.
  • Deactivation of the Timing Advance Processor can be easily accomplished by removing of the fuse from the connector.
  • Small device dimensions (90x85 mm) with a sealed body and connector.

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